11 Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Gym in Petersburg, FL

When you’re looking for the perfect gym membership near you, it’s like finding your soulmate. You have to take some time and really think about what is important in a place where you might spend a good deal of your free time. It’s hard to know where to start when looking for a new place …

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The Best Independently Owned Gyms You Should Consider Visiting in Petersburg, FL

When it comes to finding the best gym in your area, there are a few things you need to take into account. The first is what type of workout you are looking for. There are all sorts of different gyms out there, from Crossfit boxes, to personal training, to weight loss, to traditional gyms with …

The Best Independently Owned Gyms You Should Consider Visiting in Petersburg, FL Read More »

What are the benefits of joining a community-based fitness gym?

First and foremost, offers the best value for your money, compared to any other type of gym. The primary reason is that we are locally owned and operated, and the goal of the members of our community-based gym is to provide help, support, and encouragement for each other. You’ll find the environment more welcoming and …

What are the benefits of joining a community-based fitness gym? Read More »


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Wes Clay


Coach Wes got into CrossFit in 2009 as part of his high school conditioning program, and has always found it the best and most consistent way to stay fit and healthy. Don’t be surprised when Wes is loud and talkative, with many references to his favorite TV Show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Coach Wes loves to use his fitness outside of gym by competing in Triathlons with his wife Kaitlin and chasing around his German Shepard, George.

Motivation & Passion

Coach Wes Clay is passionate about people enjoying the process of becoming fit. Wes says,”I want everyone who comes into these doors to have the best hour of their day at the gym. Crossfit has always been a healthy escape, a place of belonging. I want others to feel that.


CrossFit Level 1 

Shawn Tuckett


Shawn Tuckett started CrossFitting after he grew tired of the globo-gym routine and needed something more exciting. “I instantly connected with the communal nature of CrossFit,” he says.

Motivation & Passion

Shawn is passionate about creating a fun, healthy environment for training. “I love the community that is built from coaching and getting fit together,” he says.


CrossFit Level 1 

Steve Musha


Steve Musha is passionate about people not living a sedentary life. “I feel like our society has quickly reached a point where we don’t ‘move’ anymore, from sitting at our desks all day to coming home and sitting on the couch watching TV,” he says.

Turning Point

Steve was recommended to CrossFit by his doctor, who was treating him for a severe back injury. “I had reached a point where surgery was the next step, but my doctor suggested I try CrossFit to build functional strength first,” he says. “After two years of living pain free, I decided to put my experiences, and passion to help others, to good use and become a CrossFit gym owner/coach.


CrossFit Level 1 

Justin Massey


Justin Massey instantly fell in love with what CrossFit could offer and how it quickly made him a more rounded and healthier athlete “I wanted to share this experience and guide others to achieving their dream of what being healthy is.

Motivation & Passion

There is so much to love about coaching,” he says, “From seeing the passion every one brings in on a day to day basis, regardless of skill set, to the building of lasting friendships to seeing the confidence grow inside of the members.


CrossFit Level 1

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